The Samty Group has set forth four important issues, which combine ESG (environmental, social, governance) indicators and disclosure items.
By further advancing its sustainability management, which emphasizes creation of social value, the Group will take the initiative in solving social issues through its business activities.  
To put its management philosophy of “Realization of Dreams through Ethics, Passion, and Challenge” into practice, the Group aims to create a future where all people will be able to grow with a dream by integrating itself into society as a good corporate citizen and pursuing efforts to realize a sustainable society and enhance corporate value from a medium- to long-term standpoint in response to the expectations and trust of all stakeholders.

Environmental Consideration (E: Environmental)

The Group will work to develop real estate and provide services with “coexistence of human and nature” in mind by capturing the changes in social conditions and giving consideration to energy and resources.

Coexistence with Local Communities (S: Social)

In order to establish a relationship of coexistence and co-prosperity with local communities through business, the Group will contribute to community development as a member of society by seeking activities that are suitable to the characteristics of each community.

Realization of Companies That Value People (S: Social)

By respecting the human rights and diverse views of all people involved in the Samty Group, the Group will contribute to the realization of a society in which the people of the next generation will be able to grow with a dream.

Strict Implementation of Corporate Ethics (G: Governance)

The Group aims to become a company that is trusted by society by having its employees conduct business activities with high ethical standards while strengthening its corporate governance system and implementing thorough risk management based on the management philosophy and code of conduct.

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The SAMTY Group is a general real estate company offering a full range of in-group services, including land purchasing, planning, development, tenant advertising, property management, ownership and sale of rental apartments and other properties, as well as fund operation and management for REITs, etc.