ESG Investment in Business Conducting Microfinance Activities in Emerging Nations

Samty Asia Investments Pte. Ltd. (Location: Singapore, hereinafter referred to as “SAI”) has completed an investment in Gojo & Company, Inc. (Location: Shibuya, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “Gojo & Company”), a business aiming to empower individuals and small business owners in emerging nations by providing small loans which traditional banks do not offer, a concept commonly known as “microfinance”.

With “People and Nature in Harmony” as its theme, Samty Group aims to meet the increasing needs of customers in an ever-changing society, focusing not only on economics and profitability but also energy and resources in developing properties through its sustainability policy and building the foundation for a sustainable, growing business in the mid to long term. In addition, with its new slogan “Beyond real estate”, Samty Group aims to go beyond conventional frameworks of borders and scale in establishing its overseas business.

Going even further, in order to create a business with multiple bases of operations in countries all over the world, following the principles of its sustainability policy “Coexistence with Local Communities” and “Creating a Business which Cares for People”, Samty Group aims to conduct activities tailored to individual locations while respecting the rights and views of the many people with whom it comes into contact with, realizing a society where the next generation can continue to grow and live out their dreams. The subject of SAI’s investment, Gojo & Company, has made it its mission to extend financial inclusion across the globe through its local subsidiaries in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, and Tajikistan. With its dual goals of creating long-term sustainable profits and having a significant social impact, Gojo & Company has extended financial inclusion to its customers, some 1.39 million families, with assets under management standing at USD 702.8 million. It is this potential for both sustainable profits and social impact that has led Samty Group to consider its investment in Gojo & Company to be a very significant one. Samty Group hopes that through this investment into Gojo & Company, it will be able to support its efforts in providing affordable and good quality financial services to create a world where everyone can determine their future.

business scheme
financing for a small textile factory in Cambodia
financing for sewing machines for personal businesses in Myanmar

Investment Partnership Summary

Name : Impact X Investment Partnership I
Managing Partner : CAPITAL X, Inc.
Operation Period : Approx. 5 years
Investment Outlet : Gojo & Company, Inc.(Class E preferred shares)

Company Information

Company name:Samty Co.,Ltd.
Representative:Representative Director and President Yasuhiro Ogawa
Established:December 1, 1982
Head Office Location:1-8-39 Nishimiyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka 532-0004
Capitalization:20,657 million yen (as of August 2022)
Description of Business:Real Estate Development Business, Real Estate Solution Business, Real Estate Leasing Business, Hotel Development, Ownership and Management Business

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