Establishment of ESG investment fund and investment in wind-powered energy generation project in Italy

Samty Asia, through establishing of ESG investment fund, has resolved in pursuing the first project on investment of Green Bonds.
Based on the sustainability policy of The Samty Group under the theme of “Coexistence between people and nature”, the development and supply of Green Buildings not only adapts to diversifying social demands and tenant needs, but also economic efficiency and profitability factors, as well as consideration for energy consumption and resources. Thereby, from a medium to long-term perspective, Samty Group stays committed to our corporate values of sustainability.

In addition, we have adopted a new slogan in 2021: 「Go beyond real estate」, which highlights our aim to develop business overseas in a way that goes beyond conventional frameworks, both in terms of scale and national borders.
As such, the Group has established internal funds at Samty Asia, and will actively pursue ESG investments such as global green bonds and social bonds in contribution to building a sustainable society as well as solidifying a stable revenue base for the Group.

Establishment of ESG Fund

Investment TargetInvestments in businesses and facilities that contribute to environmental and social sustainability such as green bonds, social bonds, impact investments, etc.
Investment AreaWorldwide
Method of OperationAn ESG Investment Committee has been established within the Samty Group, and SAI will be responsible in monitoring investments.

Outline on Green Bond Investment

Investment ObjectiveInvestment in renewable energy power generation projects, primarily wind and solar power generation in Italy
Investment locationPotenza, Basilicata, Southern Italy
Investment typePrivate placement bonds (fixed rate)
Return on InvestmentsRevenue from sale of electricity will be the main source of return on principal and interest
Investment Period10 years
Power Generating Capacity500kw x 20 Buildings
Annual Power Generation (Planned)28 million kwh
Tower under construction
Tower under construction
Surrounding towers

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